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Create your own flavours

Thanks to Zielona Budka you can create your own desserts for hot summer days and for special occasions. We will help you improve your culinary skills. Everyone will find something for themselves, regardless if they prefer tasty milk ice cream desserts or fruity sorbets.

A delicious dessert is a combination of well-selected flavours of ice cream and toppings such as fruit, chocolate or cookies.

Do you have an idea for a great ice cream dessert? Send it to us

Who knows, maybe it will be featured below?

​Think Green

Perfect for hot summer days

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Invigorating Orange

A wonderful composition of ice cream, orange and more!

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Marshmallow Dessert

The taste of childhood

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​Dried Fruit and Nut Delight

Exclusive dessert with the best ice cream, dried fruit and nuts

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​Yoghurt Dessert

A composition of vanilla ice cream and natural yoghurt with fresh fruit

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​Sweet Coconut

The lightness of chocolate ice cream with sweet coconut balls

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​Sweet and Salty

The unique taste of chocolate ice cream and true peanuts with a caramel and chocolate topping

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​Peach Delight

A classic dessert combining the taste of sweet cream ice cream and aromatic peaches

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