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The Beginnings

The uniqueness of Zielona Budka ice cream is reflected in its unique history. 

Zielona Budka was founded to fulfil a dream of two close friends, Edmund Plewicki and Kazimierz Koziełł. Their ice cream shop was established in a green-painted wooden booth, originally serving as a flower shop. The owners did not have to wait long for the words ‘green booth’ to become synonymous with excellent sweets, particularly exquisite ice cream, among the Warsaw crowd. The whole city was queuing in front of the tiny hut that the company was named after. ‘Zielona Budka’, or ‘Green Booth’, owes its fame to those people, whom we would like to thank wholeheartedly. 

Zielona Budka ice cream was sold in waffle cones for a maximum of three to five ,scoops. But when one day someone asked for thirty scoops, their wish was granted, too. Another record holder bought not less than 45 scoops and ate them right away, at once, winning a bet with his friends.

Love and passion 

Mr. Plewicki, a printer by education, developed his love for ice cream and, together with his friend, confectioner Kazimierz Kozieł, became an ice cream manufacturer – not only by passion, but also by trade. Within a few years following the launch of the ice cream shop, he obtained a confectioner’s license and was called the first, or the best Ice Cream Manufacturer in the Capital. 

Zielona Budka ice cream – its taste, aroma and colour – was considered the best in Warsaw. Praised by artists, scientists, actors, politicians and, most of all, ordinary people of Warsaw alike, it attracted a huge crowd of pedestrians queuing and eagerly awaiting refreshment. 

As the employees of Zielona Budka, we are constantly striving for this praise from ice cream connoisseurs, and for the company to be one of the most popular and renowned ice cream brands in Poland. The future of Zielona Budka is therefore bright and… tasty. And to think that it all started with a small green booth… 

Zielona Budka History

1947 – In April, in the post-War ruin of once splendid Warsaw, Edmund Plewicki finds a wooden green kiosk, a former flower shop. With the help of his friends, he moves it to another street, Puławska, corner with Madalińskiego, for which he obtains commercial authorization and where he begins selling fruit, vegetables, drinks and… donuts he fries himself. 

In the summer, Edmund Plewicki becomes partners with his friend and neighbour Kazimierz Kozieł, a confectioner by trade. Kazimierz makes fresh ice cream every day at home and delivers it immediately to the shop. Sweet cream or fruit ice cream are placed with a large spoon in waffles or boxes brought by customers. Since the ice cream shop wins more and more customers, hand-made production is not sufficient anymore which is why the partners introduce first machines. The aficionados of ice cream sold from the green booth are growing in number and, despite the increase in production, the company is unable to keep up with serving eager customers. The first ice cream season – summer 1947 – ends with a huge success for Zielona Budka. Ice cream is a rare product in Warsaw at the time, manufactured only by a few confectioneries and state-owned dairy plants. It is a seasonal product since the companies have no technical knowledge or conditions for storing it, not to mention large-scale sales. For this reason, Zielona Budka is a confectionery that each spring turns into an ice cream shop. In autumn, it becomes a confectionery again, selling only home-made donuts. 

1952 – In connection with the Youth Festival organised in Warsaw and in recognition of Zielona Budka, the capital authorities make a proposal to move the ice cream shop to the very centre of Warsaw, right next to Pałac Kultury i Nauki (the Palace of Culture and Science), the current location of the famous Rotunda. 

1954Zielona Budka returns to Puławska street, but this time to number 47, a ground-floor brick shop. 

1960–61 – Another change of address. Zielona Budka stays at Puławska street, but moves to house number 11. The place becomes Warsaw’s best known and most popular ice cream shop. Ice cream is made on the spot, using the artisan method, solely from milk and natural ingredients. Popular flavours include vanilla, sweet cream, chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, pineapple. Zielona Budka is a staple of the city, offering tasty refreshment to locals and tourists alike. 

1980 – Bad health forces Edmund Plewicki to sell the Zielona Budka brand and ice cream shop at Puławska 11. After 35 years of running the company, he leaves behind a well-established ice cream brand, one of the most acclaimed in Warsaw. Zielona Budka ice cream is unmatched by any other brand at this time, as proved by numerous press articles and pictures kept by the owner. The new owner is Zbigniew Grycan. The company starts investing in new technologies and expanding across Poland. 

1991 – The confectionery at Puławska 11 turns into a real ice cream parlour. The company opens new shops, at Korkowa 92 in Warsaw and at Świętojańska 76 in Gdynia. The Management Board decides to increase the scale of production and build an ice cream facility near Warsaw. 

1993 – Launch of a modern factory in Anin near Warsaw. 

1994Zielona Budka ice cream is sold across the whole country and distributed by more than 80 wholesalers. 

1998Zielona Budka becomes a joint-stock company. A prestigious financial institution, the French Paribas Bank, invests in the company. A second production facility is being built in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Mielec

1999 – In June, the first products leave the Zielona Budka factory in Mielec. 

2000 – In March, the factory goes into full operation. 

2001 – In April, Zielona Budka gains a new strategic investor, the funds managed by Enterprise Investors. Over time, they become the majority shareholder of Zielona Budka. 

2004 – In May, Zielona Budka is bought by Roncadin GmbH, who has an established position of a major ice cream manufacturer in Europe. The merger of the companies allows for a significant increase of Zielona Budka’s production capacity and expansion of its export business. Thanks to the mutual exchange of the companies’ resources combined with the great tradition of Zielona Budka in using high-quality raw materials and proven recipes we have become even better at achieving our ambition of creating exciting ice cream products. 

2006 – The merger of Roncadin GmbH and Richmond Foods plc makes Zielona Budka a member of a large European business, R&R Ice Cream Company.