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For business

Export and Logistics

Since 2011, the packaging of our products has been adjusted also to the needs of foreign client, both by placing descriptions in foreign languages and by applying solutions required by export standards (safety seals). Currently, we are investing in the expansion of our factory, leading to an increase of production capacity, which will enable us to handle the growing number of orders, among other things.

Our experience in the industry, wide service range (including the possibility of private label manufacturing), extensive export range and product selection proved on international markets, as well as flexible approach to the needs and requirements of the customer are the cornerstone of our operation and can be considered as assets in our future cooperation with new trade partners. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and new cooperation proposals. Maintaining partnership relations with our clients has always been our focus and our mission is the development of both our and our partners’ businesses.

Relatively recently, to facilitate international contacts, Zielona Budka created a separate job position of Export Manager, who is responsible for liaising with foreign trade partners and developing the relationship.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact: 

Kotorydz Office 
ul. Piaseczyńska 
18 05-555 Tarczyn, Poland 
Tel (+48) 22 851-02-02